Customer Testimonials for The Paw Professor

We're delighted to have such a collection of customer testimonials to share with you. Please read and enjoy the stories of transformation...

"Hi Mitch, just giving you an update on Lucy... She is the closest to perfect we could ever ask for. She has enjoyed long hour and a half walks through the parks/streets and walks around our house every morning without a lead. She loves the freedom and is so well behaved. We have walk past those yards where she was going crazy at those other dogs everyday since and not a single problem, she just completely ignores the other dogs. We can't thank you enough, it's improved her quality of life so much too - she now gets all the freedom she could ask for. Thank you."

Chris, Jess and Lucy, Kallangur

"Thank you so much for your time yesterday. We all learned so much from you and are really happy with what you were able to achieve with Byron. I walked him today and he walked without pulling and was responsive to my voice commands. We passed one dog on the footpath and he did not lunge - excellent! We walked past yards with dogs barking and he did not lunge - what a relief! He is much more responsive when you call him away from the gate."

Jana & Paul, Victoria Point

"Just wanted to up date you on our dog Max that you came to about one month or so ago now, for training. Richard and I are so pleased that we had you come out for Max. It has been the best thing we could have done for Max and ourselves. He is a different dog now, and we understand him and he understands us so much better with the ground rules you gave us. I am now not worried about walking Max by myself at all. In fact every morning we both go off and have a long walk, we can pass dogs without Max lunging and barking at them. Richard and I have had him a few times in the dog park by us and he has done well, his social skills and manners have improved so much. I also took Max last Sunday to the really big dog park at Clontarf by myself. I left a proud parent - he came back on commands, and did not stray far away from me, played well with other dogs and had a great time. So I would like to say a big thank you as I now have a terrific bond with my dog Max, I can’t wait to see his smile every morning looking at me and saying where are we going and what are we doing today mum."

Debbie & Richard, Brighton

"Thank you so much for your help with Boston. We have been on several walks and the difference is amazing. He is getting better every time."

Jenny, Aspley

"Leila and I read all of the testimonials on your website and was left thinking they can't all have been made up! So we decided to take a punt and are very, very happy we did. We explained all the issues we have with Poppett over an email with Mitch and he replied that "a 2-3 hour session should do it" !!?? We couldn't believe it until only an hour into the session we were comfortably and happily walking our dog around the neighborhood.......with no leash!! Poppett is a changed dog as are we in our handling of him. We now happily walk him most nights off leash and all 3 of us are completely relaxed. The dog park is absolute joy for us now too. Thanks Mitch, you are the master!"

Mike & Leila, Acacia Ridge

"When we thought of adding to our family with a dog we thought best wait until we are settled, though when we were robbed we decided to fast track, so we went to RSPCA Wacol and found a female Bull Arab 1 year old we named Cleo. We were lucky she has a beautiful friendly nature, though we soon realized she liked to jump up, lick a lot, bark at anyone close to the fence, and she walked us not the other way around plus she did not really listen when called and she seemed to use her butt to herd everyone. Our more concerning issue was when Cleo not purposely jumped onto my 7 year old niece and scratched her arms in excitement. As we are going through IVF we do not want her jumping up on my belly and we want to know she will be calm with children. So we googled and found Mitch we extensively looked into his past as a Police Dog Handler we thought he is the man for us. On first meet he explained his way of training and was willing to accommodate if we had a different idea of training. A week at Dog Camp WOW!! She was a different dog she listened she heeled he also gave us training on how to keep her in check with her commands. I admit I was concerned she had lost her personality though over a couple of weeks she went back to her normal self though now she had training as well. I can walk her, take her to dog park she comes when called, she barks like a Security dog though stops when called. She does not jump, does not hit you with her butt we were able to have parents visit without worrying is Cleo going to push them over. She is a calmer dog. Licking, she no longer gives me a bath though she still let's you know she loves you.

Mitch also let us know if we need a refresher he is willing to come to house.

We then sent Cleo back to Mitch for Boarding School for a week whilst we got married. She was experiencing incontinence and it was wonderful to know they were just as concerned took her to vet though she seemed to recover by herself. Each time she has come back she has been washed and put on weight, healthy looking.

Mitch is worth the money; Cleo will be seeing him in future."

The O'Donoghue family

"Thanks so much Mitch. I can't believe how successful it was, he spent the evening in with us even my eldest son is starting to go near him. I keep sending family and friend’s pics of him inside with the boys no one can believe it! So grateful."

Kylie, Ipswich

"Good morning Mitch, I would like to thank you once again for looking after Sammy. He has certainly changed for the better. Veronica has been walking him daily and says it's a pleasure to take him for a stroll. He now comes to me and sits or lays at my feet. Sammy’s a much more relaxed and settled member of the Family. Thanks again Mitch. ;-)"

Mark, Redlands

"Thank you so much Mitch for your help in training Max the Cavoodle. He now listens to me when I tell him to leave the cat alone. He no longer barks at animals on the TV. He comes when he is called. We walks really well off lead, and we can control his barking at passersby. Thank you for training us to control Max's behaviour. We now have a stress free house and Cosmo the cat can walk around freely without being jumped on."

Debra, Yeronga

"We are the happiest people in Broadbeach Waters. You have done in four hours what people take a lifetime doing. I will recommend you to all our friends. Have a great weekend, QLD Dog Whisperer!"

Marcus & Gina, Broadbeach Waters

"Really wanted to provide you an update on Rego, my 3 year old English Staffordshire you helped me with in December last year.

He had dog aggression after being attacked by 2 other dogs a few years ago whilst we were on a walk. We tried so many different training tools, other trainers and some trainers even turned us away stating he was too old and because of his breed would always be aggressive. In just half an hour, you had him playing with my mother's dog, a ridgeback cross, at the dog park.

Today, he played with my mother's dog at her place without a muzzle. Absolutely no aggression, not even a growl, for the whole 4 hours we were there. He even responds so much better to commands as well like sit, down, come and leave it.

I had almost completely given up hope of my dog being able to socialise with other dogs when I called you and now, I couldn't have imagined we'd be where we are today. You have given me and my dog so much joy. I am recommending you to everyone.

Thank you so much Mitch."

Jessica Cass, Ipswich

"Just thought I would let you know that Harley is like a new dog, 100% turn around. She never tries to escape and everyone at the dog park can't believe the difference in her!!

Thank you very much for your help, it was certainly worthwhile."

Marcus and Bev, Spring Hill

"This is to tell you how pleased I am with my dog Hannah's behaviour since having just two sessions with you. She has virtually changed over night from a disobedient and rather generally out of control puppy to one who is a delight to take walking and to the park.

I was particularly pleased that you understood completely the level of training I was looking for and so impressed with the way you handled her, as being a large, strong and wilful dog and already ten months old I felt your task would not be easy. It was an absolute pleasure to see you work with her and gain her confidence in such a short period and best of all she is now in a different world and has made my time with her much more enjoyable.

Thank you again and I will definitely be passing on your details to anyone looking for great results from their dog's behaviour!"

The Paw Professor – Dog Training Testimonials
Carol Roberts, Kenmore

"I would highly recommend Mitch from The Paw professor. He worked with me and my dog Bella and I found the session very beneficial and great value for money! I will certainly be contacting him in the future for further training!"

Liz, Moggill

"Our son asked if we could look after his dog for a year, and, keep up her specialist training as a Search & Rescue Dog. We had no idea where to begin, and felt more than a little overwhelmed at the task. Fortunately, we were handed one of Mitch's flyers.

His qualifications seemed to fit our needs exactly, and at our first meeting, it was obvious that he has a natural affinity with dogs, and a perfect grasp of their psychology. Although we do have very specific training requirements for Bee, we also desperately needed some help with basic obedience and control as she's a very headstrong Catahoula.

Mitch's advice was eminently practical, easy to implement and, very importantly, he gave us the time needed to ensure we'd be able to work with her successfully, on our own. That first session with Mitch not only gave us some much needed confidence to continue with Bee's training, but also helped my husband & I to work together, and be on the same page with commands and discipline.

Not only does Bee pay attention to us now, and is charmingly obedient, but we're enjoying a much happier relationship with her, as none of us are stressed any more! It's our intent to continue to work and consult with Mitch on a regular basis, as Bee's S&R training has a way to go yet, and, we are also recommending him to any of our friends who need help with their own dogs too!"

Linda & Gordon Graham, Fig Tree Pocket

"A week ago, our dog was a full on lead puller with five and a half years experience. He hadn't been the park, or anywhere else he might encounter a dog, in about 4 months. He would bark and lunge at other dogs, I couldn't control him and walking wasn't enjoyable anymore.

In the last week since our training session, we've taken him to the park everyday, and he walks by our side with a loose leash. We're working on keeping him relaxed around other dogs, and there are definite improvements. Each time we go out is better than the last, and we're confident now that we can teach him in the right way. It's such a relief to know we're on the right track now, I'm so glad we did this.

If you're having any problems handling your dog, I recommend The Paw Professor!"

Lee Cooper, Chandler

"Well, it's been just a few short weeks since we had the good fortune to come across your business card at a friend's house. I have to say that after our session with you we now have the skills required to walk our wonderful boy boxer "Eddie" and actually enjoy it!

I know as dog lovers we are generally happy to hand out lots of dollars to vets / pet stores etc etc... I think that your fee for the time we spent with you has been the best investment in our boy, worth every single cent.

It's not that Eddie was a bad boy just an exuberant character and we didn't know what to do. You, in one session solved that and we will be forever grateful for your professionalism, skills and wonderful attitude towards our 4 legged family member.

Thank you so much."

Stephen & Anita Porter, Ashgrove

"So far Mitch has trained two of our four Dogs. The first two that he has worked with are Lily (3.5 yr old Staffy -X) and Eclipse (1.5 yr old German Shepherd).

Lily was very stubborn and was attacked a year or so ago and had become very defensive. Eclipse would never listen to commands, would pull hard and be aggressive toward other dogs.

We just got back Lily and Eclipse from training with Mitch yesterday. The difference in these two dogs is amazing. They were only with Mitch for 6 days.

Today we took them to the dog park near home where we could really see the difference. Lily and Eclipse played / met over 20 other dogs and not even the slightest hint of aggression with them. They obeyed their commands and were an absolute pleasure. Every other dog owner we had come across today said they were surprised at how well behaved they were.

Our other two dogs are currently with Mitch for their week of training and we can't wait to have 4 well behaved and sociable dogs.

A big thank you to Mitch for getting our dogs to be their best :)"

Justin Horsky, Yatala
The Paw Professor – Dog Obedience Testimonials

"Well and truly recommend Mitch for any dog training. Very Professional and explains things in an easy to understand language. In the time we have had Diesel, I have never seen him behave as good as he did after a session with The Paw Professor. 10/10."

David, Everton Hills

"Had our session with Mitch today and saw huge results in our 2 crazy labs! Awesome service thank you!"

Nikki, Springfield Lakes

"Just thought I'd give you an update with Jag. He is a completely different dog, he does not get over excited anymore or try and jump up on people. Walking him is a treat... we can let him off the lead to run around free and he doesn't go too far. He seems to be calmer in a way."

Heather, Albany Creek

"I am the owner of a very headstrong 1½ year old male German Shepherd. I have had him from a puppy, and what a handful he was - jumping on people, barking, impossible to walk... I used to get dragged around the streets mouthing feet and hands. I have taken him to 2 different trainers, and he was even away at doggie boot camp for 5 weeks - nothing seemed to work till I found Mitch The Paw Professor. He came to my house and within 2 hours I had a well behaved dog - a pleasure to own. I can thoroughly recommend Mitch to anyone who has issues with their dog."

Chris, Brassall

"We waited 6 years until the time was right to get our first dog! We knew that he would require a lot of work, attention and training and the time had to be right!

Sadly when he was just 6 months old, I fell ill and all of the training and obedience quickly became non-existent while my husband worked and I spent most of my time in and out of hospitals and doctor appointments.

When Austin was approximately 16 months old, I researched online for private help; I knew a group training course wouldn't work or take too long and twice the $$ ... As Austin was boss!! We needed a change and FAST!!

After speaking to Mitch, I knew he was the guy for us! He listened; he emphasised and promised that if we kept an open mind we would see results before the end of the session... I was in!!

Mitch sure did make a change, not only to our lives but for Austin as well. Austin is now much more responsive to us, and a dream to walk! Tears filled my eyes, the first time I was able to walk him off-leash as he happily walked beside me with his head held high, passing people on bikes, skateboards and even other people with their dogs. It was the best feeling in the world – Trust between us both!

Mitch has always been available to call and always been honest and sincere!

We are forever in debt to Mitch, and we are so pleased we kept and open mind... because his methods and techniques are guaranteed to work!"

Kisha, Indooroopilly

"I just want to say THANKS a million times over to Mitch The Paw Professor.

To those of you who want your dog trained properly the first time I recommend The Paw Professor. I'm yet to meet a trainer better than him and he truly takes the time to listen and teach you how to control your dog.

After spending several thousand dollars on 'qualified, professional' trainers and dog behaviourists all of who failed again and again in their attempts to make my Rottweiler do something as simple as come when he's called we gave up hope that anyone would ever be able to get him to do it in this lifetime. He has always obeyed other commands, his sits, stays, waits, leave it's and downs were perfect. We didn't need a trainer for those commands but Come always was a major issue. It's impossible to retrieve a shoe, the remote, a toy etc from a dog that just won't come back so we spent a long time using barriers to round him up in the yard so we could take whatever it was that he'd pinched... again.

While desperately searching the net hoping for a bit of magic we came across The Paw Professor and called Mitch in a last ditch effort to find someone who could, in our imaginations, wave a magic wand and turn Izak into a joy rather than being frustrated daily by his stubborn ways.

With great trepidation and not an ounce of any real hope I waited for Mitch to fix it for me all the while believing that it was never going to work and we were simply blowing more money on a dog that couldn't be swayed from his belief that come meant run as fast as you possibly can in the OPPOSITE direction.

On the day Mitch was due to arrive I almost cancelled the appointment, what was he going to do that the others hadn't tried was my only thought.

I can only say that I am so happy I kept the appointment! Within 2 hours Mitch had Izak returning even with a distraction. He explained to me that most people call their dogs to put them to bed, take something away from them, clip the leash on and take their freedom etc. In Izak's mind that's exactly what occurred so we tried making it a party and acting really excited when we called him which of course made Izak wonder what we had that was so exciting so he came to check every time and was rewarded with a very happy owner, masses of praise and a treat instead of just a "Good Boy". Now not only does he come every time he's called (even if we don't sound overly excited), we don't have to chase him for anything and he even brings his toys to us because Mitch also made me see that every time Izak tried to come to me as a puppy with a toy or anything I would take it from him, get distracted and forget to throw it again, forget to praise him for bringing it in the first place then make him wait for ages for his next round of play, or punish him because he'd taken something he shouldn't have. He thought that us running after him yelling was a game, which is why he refused to bring anything back. Why take something back if you get to play chase instead?

I would and will absolutely be asking Mitch to come back for further training with Izak (we want him to learn how to 'seek') and to give us a hand with our other dog who sadly suffers from many issues thanks to her ex-owners."

Testimonials for Dog Trainer, The Paw Professor
Tanya, Springfield Lakes

"Thanks so much for bringing the most out of Bruce. As you know, we originally bought him as a pet and didn't for a second really think our dream of him protecting us was going to happen. Over a couple of sessions, you made him bark at strangers walking past the house, but still managed to keep him as our adorable fun loving Bruce!"

Denise, Aspley

"My goal was to be the proud owner of an obedient, well-behaved, happy dog. As Albert grew, I found I was quickly losing grasp of my goal. The reality was that he was almost unmanageable on the lead - who was taking whom for a walk really? - and rapidly developing behaviours that did not integrate well with our family life.

I'd tried dog obedience classes and another dog trainer. Both left me feeling frustrated, confused and useless. In desperation, I tried you. Bingo!

Amazingly, you modified some of the behaviours in one session. For other behaviours that involved a little more persistence to change, you gave me the tools and skills to continue.

I so appreciate your firm but friendly approach to training. Your support and encouragement has given me the confidence to continue training Albert on my own. Albert is only nine months old but, I am now well on the way to being the proud owner of an obedient, well-behaved, happy dog."

Kathy, Nundah