Dog Behaviour & Dog Obedience Training Services Overview

An Ex-Police Dog Handler, The Paw Professor can assist dog owners with a range of dog behaviour issues, as well as respond to commands through dog obedience training. Any breed, any age, any problem.

Dog behaviour and obedience training with The Paw Professor can vary from case to case, with services such as:

Our dog behaviour and dog obedience training services
  • Flexible home visits, for dog behaviour that occurs in a home environment.
  • One on one sessions with owners and their dog/s for dog obedience training.
  • 3 hour online dog training video:
    1. Do it in your own time
    2. Cheaper than using a private dog trainer
    3. No pressure and get assistance over the phone
    4. Watch the training videos as many times as you like
    If you like the sound of this and want more info, visit
  • Group or family sessions.
  • Boarding school – boot camp. Would you like your dog obedience training to be carried out in a professional manner and in a friendly home environment? Well this may be for you.
    After speaking to many clients who previously had their dog trained in a kennel complex, I became aware that some of the dog behaviour issues still existed around the house. Their dog would do everything the dog trainer commanded, however when their dog returned to their own home environment the behavioural issues still existed. Read more
  • Security Dog Training/Personal Protection. If you are in the Security Industry I can provide K9 dog training to satisfy your requirements. Whether it's a completely green puppy or advanced guard dogs I can provide quality decoy work and training in order to achieve a very high quality K9 Security Dog. Read more
  • Ongoing phone & online support.

Call or email The Paw Professor today to discuss your dog behavioural issues or needs, book a meeting or request a quote.