Boarding School/Boot Camp

Are you looking for expert urban dog training in Brisbane for your dog in a friendly home environment? Well this may be for you.

After speaking to many clients who previously had their dog training in Brisbane in a kennel complex, I became aware that some of the dog behaviour issues around the house still existed. Their pet would do everything the trainer commanded, however when their dog returned to their own home environment the behavioural issues still existed.

As a result of this, in addition to dog obedience, I provide an additional service to clients where clients can provide a list of dog behaviours around the home that they would like corrected. I then tailor-make an in-home urban dog training program that addresses these challenging behaviours around the home.

My opinion and methodology is that urban dog training must be in that particular environment in which your dog lives. When your dog goes back to your home, he/she doesn't live in a cold and clinical environment, like a kennel. Your dog has not been exposed to the distractions of a home environment. And the big plus is, your dog gets to live in comfortable surroundings, not a cold kennel complex and learns the skills of living in a family home environment.

Dog off to school, urban dog training in Brisbane If your dog has a special diet or favourite toys or a dog bed he/she loves, then I prefer to have those items to ensure a stress free transition for your dog into my home.

As a dog owner I am reluctant to leave my beloved family member with persons unknown in places unknown. I therefore offer every owner the opportunity to come to my home, discuss their dog’s diet and routine and see where their dog will be staying. I respect the owner's belief system and discuss at length the urban dog training methods available and the outcomes possible. I take the responsibility of having a member of the family in my care very seriously. I treat their dog in strict accordance with the owner's wishes.

The length of stay is variable. The average boarding school term is 7 days. At the conclusion of the dog training in Brisbane, I provide a handover session.