Dog Trainer: Private Sessions vs Puppy school

A common statement I hear from dog owners looking for a dog trainer is, “We went to puppy school but we didn't get much out of it.” So what are the advantages and disadvantages of puppy preschool versus private sessions?

Puppy school vs Private Sessions, a Dog Trainer's PerpectivePuppy school can provide a very good start and provide some general information on what to do with this new bundle of energy around the house, particularly for many that haven't had a dog previously. I believe puppy preschool provides a wonderful base to get things moving in the right direction. Whilst a positive is that the cost is minimal, the downside is a puppy school will have many dogs in the class. In addition to this, training is not conducted in the puppy's home where many of the behavioural issues begin. Apart from the obvious of having numerous dogs in the one place which could lead to chaos, puppy preschools don't cater for the specific issues that individual owners would like to see addressed. So, puppy preschool creates a great basis, however, when does a private session with a dog trainer come into play?

Additionally, the adolescent months (6-18 months) can become a bit overwhelming for new dog owners. The memory of what was taught in puppy school with a 12 week old puppy can appear quite distant and can be very difficult to put into practice. The adolescent dog will be wanting to push the boundaries a whole lot more and can be quite strong willed. It is around this timeframe that many owners encounter difficulties and many of those require quite specific and personalised assistance. In these circumstances, private sessions with a dog trainer are really important.

Your pet is a huge part of your family for 10-15 years and I suppose you must ask yourself the question, what price would you be willing to pay for a happy, well behaved and obedient dog to be a part of your family for that timeframe?