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Expert Dog Training for You and Your Dog thanks to the Paw ProfessorExpert Dog Training for Brisbane,
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Is your canine buddy at a pre-school level, but you're hoping for a university education? Are you after dog training in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast? The Paw Professor will help with your canine’s further education. Subjects offered include:

General dog obedienceLeash pullingNot coming when calledDog/Human aggressionBarkingChewingJumping up on people

Are you tired of coming home from the dog park embarrassed, angry and frustrated? Is it annoying when guests come to your home only to be jumped on by the dog? Or do you find yourself being taken for a walk by your dog, instead of taking the dog for a walk? Well, you've come to the right place... keep reading

The Paw Professor, Mitch Watson provides expert dog training for Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, to find out more, please click here. The Paw Professor offers expert service, backed by years of experience including time with the Queensland Police Dog Squad. Everything from dog obedience to private sessions, and puppy school to security dog training, and ‘boarding school’. Finding a good dog trainer is important, because this person is going to be working with you, your family and your dog. The results will speak for themselves, and will be obvious through your dog’s behaviour. The Paw Professor provides expert dog training in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Here is some information on choosing the right dog trainer.